100k reputation points on Stack Overflow

Yesterday I reached 100,000 reputation points on Stack Overflow, the largest online community for professional programmers and enthusiasts.

Profile page on Stack Overflow

Activity page on Stack Overflow

As Stack Overflow defines it, reputation points indicate how much the content posted by a user is relevant and trusted by the community. As I write this post, there are 14.5 million users registered in Stack Overflow, and I am among the 1,001 users who hit this milestone!

User rank on 2021-04-28: I’m on the top #1000!

But at the end of the day, reputation points are just numbers. While I am proud of my achievement, my participation on Stack Overflow was never a quest for reputation points.

What matters the most to me is how much I learned from this experience. And the 1,100+ answers I posted till now helped me to become a better software engineer. It’s been all about learning, sharing knowledge and helping others.

Email from Stack Overflow community manager