Comparing JSON documents in Java

My insights on comparing JSON documents in Java.

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A compilation of some Maven commands for quick reference.

Stop using the RFC 2616

Still using the RFC 2616 as reference for the HTTP/1.1 protocol? Please stop!

Customizing ObjectMapper in a JAX-RS application

Using Jackson with JAX-RS? See how to define a ContextResolver for ObjectMapper to customize serialization and deserialization.

Getting known JSON properties from a class using Jackson

Using the Jackson API to introspect a Java class and extract the available JSON properties from it.

Cross field validation with Bean Validation

Writing a custom validator to validate multiple fields.

Deserializing JSON property as String with Jackson

Writing a custom deserializer to read a JSON property as String with Jackson.

Creating web application with Spring Boot and Jersey

Example of how to create a standalone application with Jersey with Spring Boot.

Converting POJO to Map and vice versa with Jackson

Jackson API makes it easy to covert Java objects to a map instance and vice versa.

Performing action when web application is starting and shutting down

Examples of how to execute operations when the application starts up or shuts down using Servlets, CDI and EJB.

Which HTTP status codes are cacheable?

A summary of the HTTP status codes defined as cacheable, according to the RFC 7231.

Using Jackson as JSON provider in Jersey 2.x

Using Jackson, a popular JSON parser for Java, in Jersey applications.

Using Jackson and JSON Path to query and parse an arbitrary JSON node

Example of how to use JSON Path with Jackson.

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